Papinniemi on avoinna!



Ravintola on avoinna vuonna 2018 

26.5-17.6 Ma-To klo 10-18, Pe-La klo 10-22 (02.00) ja Su klo 11-18

                              18.6-19.8 Ma-To 9-22, Pe-La 9-24 (02.00) ja Su 11-20

20.8-2.9 Ma-To klo 10-18, Pe-La klo 10-22 (02.00) ja Su klo 12-18 


Varauskalenteri löytyy mökit välilehdeltä.

Varaukset mökkeihin voit tehdä sieltä tai soittamalla / sähköpostitse.

Myös matkailuauto vuokrattavissa.

Cottage reservation system is under construction.

Book or ask more about cottages:

Phone: +358 40 7369852

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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The jewel of Eastern-Finland - Papinniemi Camping

Blue sky and sandy beach. Setting sun colors the view with orange and red. Clear water of Pyhäjärvi lake is calling to dip your toes into. You can see small islands on landscape and there's little sand castle decorated with pine cones. Tender summer breeze is whispering between birches and big pine trees. Cold drink after steamy sauna would be a good idea. Peacefulnes and paradise like natural beauty. Here you can feel holiday state of mind.

Papinniemi Camping offers enjoyable holiday experiences at Uukuniemi village, just next to eastern boarder.


  • 8 holiday cottages with sauna and beach
  • 20 caravan pitches with electricity
  • nice tent places

Papinniemi offers

  • Natural beaty environment and fantastic beach
  • Sunny terrace where you can enjoy cool drinks, ice cream and local delicaties 
  • Beac wolley, wood heated sauna, rowing boats, games, wireless internet and many more activities
  • Friendly staff ready to serve